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Jon Hällgren

- Producer/Songwriter

Jon Hällgren is a Swedish producer and songwriter and has produced and written songs for multiplatinum selling artists all over the world. He started his career in the early 90´s, later on founding his publishing company, Line Out Sweden. Jon is very passionate about making hits and great productions at the highest level. 

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Lukas Hällgren

- Producer/Songwriter

Lukas Hällgren is a multi platinum awarded producer and songwriter from Uppsala, Sweden. He is also a well established DJ which has been a great asset when it comes to producing music. He has written and produced a number of top streaming songs in Europe for artists like Alexandra Stan, Luca Hänni, Paul Rey etc. Being a young producer and DJ his sound is very up to date and he’s now also focusing on the Asian market.

Edwin Lindberg

- Producer/Songwriter

Edwin Lindberg, also known as “Milwin" is a Swedish music producer, songwriter and DJ. Edwin has natural gift for working across different genres such as: Pop, K-Pop, J-Pop & Electronic Dance Music. Edwin always brings great energy, passion & positivity into the room, aligned with a focused determination to always deliver the best possible record.

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